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Aloha Tom
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Progressive air shocks report:
From using 416 dual airs on a 1500, solo at your weight 8 to 15psi will yield a very sane and smooth ride.
Not much real action in them till 5psi

Do the OE have a support spring inside, or just air support only?

If you want super comfort, on top of seat put an Airhawk Cruiser R seat cushion, $110,
Your butt, floating on a 10mm layer of air--- opens YOU to the Wings real all day and the next cruising ability.
Cruiser R has an special pattern placement of the air cells, leaving an open center channel
so no pressure on the tailbone (ahhhhhhhhh) enlarged prostate (OOwOOwOOOw) or any low hanging family fruit.

Do the drop test, not drop the bike! Measure the amount the rear end drops when you go from standing straddling the bike -
to seated on it with your full weight.
A 1 to 1.5 inch drop is considered in the correct range of suspension pre-load

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