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look on for riding groups in your area. In my area its SuperBike-Coach, who offer courses teaching MotoGP techniques to street bikers on a small tight go-cart track!
Those cornering school days are $130 and you come away wondering how you managed to survive all these years!
The classes progress in skills with day2 and day3 classes.
Option for full race-track courses, street classes and more available.

I know this guy isnt the only one with a great idea. Somewhere in the USA are similar events.
The small track is turn turn turn with a max speed about 35mph
Whatever you are doing wrong will be seen by on-course observers and relayed to you for improvement.

The Wing has an alarming lean angle limit in the hands of the instructor! Im STILL nowhere close to that!
Tip! if you ask the instructor to take your bike out on course, expect some new shiny bits under the pegs~

A small investment in recurrent training that may save replacing your safety gear and practice is always fun if you make it fun
Buddy using video mode on the phone is very helpful for your parking lot practice figure 8s, Uturns and E-stops- slow and swerve etc,.
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