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Originally Posted by trike lady View Post
Thank you. I figure at 62 I may as well enjoy life. July 2016 I suffered a stroke and then the loss of peripheral vision in my right eye my quality of life went a bit down hill. Employers wouldn't hire me and it became depressing. Now I put it all in God's hands and he seems to be pushing me in the right direction. I wanted to take a job offer from a friend, but no funds were surfacing and I had no way to get there and the funds finally arrived then Hurricane Harvey came along and that was God's final answer to me of 'No'. Hurricanes bring back not so good memories of 30 years in Florida. They always make jokes about no one goes up north to retire, I proved them wrong.
We moved to Kissimmee in 1984. In 2004, Charley (right over the top of us), Frances, Ivan (twice) and Jeanne came to call. Boarded up from August until Thanksgiving. Retired in late2004 and came back HOME to Iowa. Harvey and Irma brought back scary memories. Give me a good blizzard any day.
So, make that at least TWO of us who have "reverse retired".
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