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Yes, I had installed it on my '97 1500 SE.

Previous owner of the bike had had someone fool with the wiring so as to have the original SE lights swithed.

Instructions from Show Chrome are a little weak as far as the wiring of the lights on the bike.

So, wiring was an adventure - both because of the state my bike was in but also because the instructions are so so.

Besides that, quite simply an easy bolt on if your bike already has the SE lights in. If not, they come with bits and pieces to "convert" the lower fairing to hold the lights. I cannot comment on those parts ar my bike was an SE.

The lenses are much cleaner than the original SE cornering lights. The Show Chrome put out a better light pattern and more importantly they are way more visible from ahead. Hey, they also look much better.

I already had the chrome trim bits around the lights. If that were not the case, you will need those chrome bits as otherwise the lights look like a sloppy job in the cutouts.

Wiring issues aside, you should be able to do the job in about an hour (given your bike already has SE's lignts).

Was very very happy with the results. I saw no con's and clear pro's (looks, light pattern, visibility)

They'll soon be up for sale as I traded my 1500 for an 1800 earlier this season and I took off most of what I had added / modified.


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