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The dealer that told you it was normal is just trying to get rid of you and your problem.
It's not normal but at least it starts. Giving this problem to a shop could result in a sizable diagnosis bill with a minor bill for part replacement.
If you have the service manual you can work your way through some of the diagnosis when the engine is hard to start. Or live with it until it won't start and then the diagnosis will be easier. Shops don't like to have to diagnosis problems that only occur sometimes... like when I had a customer that said it (their particular problem) only occured after 75 mile travel... and expected me to ride their bike for 75 miles to test it. When I told them that I'd charge them for the time I was riding their bike OR they could ride it and bring it in so I could test it... Almost every time they'd want to ride the bike themselves... which was fine with me. I could always find something to do for a couple of hours while Joe the biker was out riding his bike.

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