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Here are a few links to the photos of the converted covers ,If anyone needs any more info on them just post a message on this topic,they are not to everyones tastes but they work out a lot cheaper than the 1200 ones especially if you buy the recommended calliper covers.

For some reason they are printing out very large on my printer at the moment i dont know if it is my set up, on the cover you can see the apperatures that have to be cut in the cover to clear the callipers, also note the hole for adjusting the anti dive, at the top of the cover is a hole about 9mm dia where it must fit to a 1500 fender or something i drilled through the fender very carefully as to not drill the tireplaced an 8mm stainless steel bolt through from the back (I ALSO HAD TO GRIND THE HEAD DOWN SO AS NOT TO CATCH ON THE TIRE)and made a tapped spacer to go between the fender and the cover,The rear strap that came with the covers was used and modified by drilling and tapping m4 screws to hold the strap to the covers be careful with this as there is not a lot of overlap to drill into, i also drilled a hole in the back of the fender to pick up with the small screw for the middle of the bracket do this after fitting the strap to the covers and you are happy with the allignment.

The lower bracket is boltedonto the end caps on the fork legs (ensure that they are secure with spring washers etc. the l/h bracket has the cutout for the speed sensor make sure that there is clearance all round this as they are on the expensive side if they get damaged, on the brackets i have welded tapped bushes in place you could use bolts and a number of nuts to make up the depth of thebushes and then usedomed nuts to hold the cover in place,i used 20mm long stainless button head socket screws, the reason i have used stainless steel is-

1 we use it at work

2 no problems later with rust seizing it all up

3 you dont have to paint it

ensure when the cover is in position that it does not rub against the brake lines, i had to tweak the brackets slightly also if fitting the ring of fire tape the wire to the inside of the cover and seal the ends of the plastic tube with silicon sealant to keep water out.

When ifitted the covers i found that theinner edge of the cover was partially obscuring the rotor when viewed from the front this was solved by tweaking the bracket,(i wanted to still see the rotor with its central cooling slot exposed to the wind) this part is entirely up to your tastes, as i said before if there is anything you are not sure of or that i have missed out just send me a pm.

Disclaimer :- While i have disclosed my modifications in good faith i do not accept any responsibility for any injuries or damages arising from the use of this information.



and sorry for such a long post

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