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Dealerships are not the Government

I know this is an old thread.... But..... I just had a horrific dealership experience. Last year. Won't go into details, but a service tech sabotaged my bike! Weird, huh? But they went out of business soon after. Willy World in Joliet, IL.
Here was the basis of my beef: I wasn't bringing in an old cycle for diagnostics, because I had a "problem". It was routine maintenance. I could do it, but did not have the time. Had the money, no time. I wasn't asking for much. Forks and fluids. I sourced the fork parts 2 weeks before, and delivered them.
I do all routine maintenance on many 20/15/10 yo cycles I own. Fluids, pads, chains, sprockets, bs...... Sometimes I am flush, but don't have a garage/area/tools. They took 3 weeks to turn around my cycle.
I would never take my cycle to a dealership if I had weird/diagnostic problems. Unless it was a new bike.

I am ok with The Dealership Stance. Think it is shortsighted, as GoldWing is the flagship. All GoldWings should be serviced. It is the Honda Way! With communication and agreements.

Have experience with Indy shops, when I was a newbie. Left off/did not tighten steering head bolts! But, you can't beat, cheap! I was fine with work/price, and managed my terror.

Just like a lot of American history- find a good shop, give them all your business, and talk, talk, talk. The Free Market is a beautiful thing.

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