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Originally Posted by Charlie in nc View Post
I had to replace the compresser on my 90 k1500, I bought a rebuilt one from the local chain auto parts store, The first one had a vibration in it , second one also,Third one also, fourth one also. I am getting good at changing them. I am going to go to the junk yard and hopefully find one that will work. End result, A lot of labor=High cost..Charlie
I put one on my S10 last year from Oriellys, works fine but harder to turn than it should be. I asked about getting another one under warranty and would they also give me the freon & oil to do it with and they won't. I bought one for my 94 K1500 must have been 15 years ago and last year it started leaking. Thought about taking it back to them and saying it is from the S10, which is still under warranty. I heard form a good source if you want a good compressor get a 4 seasons.

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