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A bit more progress today. I had pulled the radiator to re-mount the fan and add the guard on the front - plus change the upper hose to a new one. Mounted that all back up. Mounted the swingarm/rear drive and reconnected the driveshaft. I have to say that it was very easy to reconnect the u-joint and put the correct external circlip on it. A LOT easier that getting the internal circlip off!

Now, I've begun re-wiring it. Oh, joy! POs have modified, neglected, and generally hosed up the wiring. I had already replaced 75% of the connectors. Discovered that the starter solenoid had been replaced with one with the B connection at the back and M at the front if mounted in the rubber boot. Ended up splicing an inline fuse holder to the red lead and joining the red/white and the upstream end of the fuse to the B terminal (dogbone long gone).

The bike end of the 8 pin connector to the rectifier has three green wires and connectors. The rectifier plug only had two green wires and connectors. I added another connector and green wire and ran it to a good frame ground.

With the addition of the swingarm, the thing is getting a little rear heavy (still mounted on a furniture dolly), so I may work on the front forks and triple tree next. Or finish the carb rack and mount it. I want to get the carbs on before mounting the shelter frame, anyway.
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