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Harley store fun!

So I cruised with my friends who ride Harleys over to the Harley store. Upon entering is when it started, they start following you around trying to help you or sell you something. First I looked at the Fat Bob 114 nice bike, I might add. liked the look but NO I dont need a saleman to run the numbers for me!!! So I get away from the bikes go to gloves and stuff, everything says Harley no wonder they are in the shape they are narrow market on gloves and shirts! Finally I was pretty well done being escorted and this guy asked if he could help me for like the 10th time! I said yea, you can how about you show me the Honda section. He said they didnt have one, I said well do they take Hondas in for trade he said yea they do and I said well where are they. Then he said they dont sell them they wholesale them to there other store. I told him well I guess you cant help me then since everything in this place says Harley no wonder you cant sell any thing its all trademarked Harley and twice as much as regular items. I did get a free hamburger and a FUFU coffee though! I went outside finally peace, I thought NOT!!! Not 10 foot out the door through the lot with bikes in it, the ole can i help you! So I gave in. I asked about the 114 Fat Bob oh yea right here, wanna ride it, sure I said so I rode it, finally peace for 20 minutes when I get back its the ole run the numbers? Told them no, didnt really like it. I did like it actually but would get a Honda Fury before a Fat Bob, I wouldnt pay 22K for a sport bike. My friends said I was not allowed to come to harley with them any more as they laughed, said i was a$$h$le. I told them thanks thats a compliment, I dont like the Hard sale of that store. I have to admit it was awesome to mess with the sales folks, my other friend who rides a Victory said he had the best day of his life laughing at me messing with the sale folks! I love all bikes really Harleys Victorys Honda even a few yamahas and older Kawaski's but geez why the hard sale!

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