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Originally Posted by GoldwingA1500 View Post
I also noted that no vacuum could be felt before or ever AJ2 and AJ3 circuits. So why does it even have a secondary filter if there is no vacuum pressure felt, even at high idle?
You will not feel a vacuum there they are simply atmospheric air bleed ports which open into the carb circuits to lean a mixture out. The AJC's pull double duty and also serve as the altitude compensation system.

Originally Posted by GoldwingA1500 View Post
Also, while at idle, I noticed the PAIR induction tube on the front ride side of the filter box is drawing air even when at idle. Isn't the PAIR supposed to be closed at idle? Mine is open unless I throttle heavy enough for the PAIR to close, and the gurgling noise you hear vanishes. Once the engine returns to idle, the PAIR opens again and vacuum can be felt from the PAIR induction tube where also a gurgling sound is heard. Again, is this normal because the book doesn't tell you the parameters for PAIR operation.
That is how a Pulse Air system works and behaves by drawing air into the exhaust stream except on high manifold vacuum closed throttle decel, no problem there.

What procedure did you use to check and set the float levels?


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