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Originally Posted by DriverRider View Post
You will not feel a vacuum there they are simply atmospheric air bleed ports which open into the carb circuits to lean a mixture out. The AJC's pull double duty and also serve as the altitude compensation system.

That is how a Pulse Air system works and behaves by drawing air into the exhaust stream except on high manifold vacuum closed throttle decel, no problem there.

What procedure did you use to check and set the float levels?
That was a slight problem in setting the float height. In the manual, one section stated 7mm, while another said 8mm. I set them at 7mm which might be a bit short. Fortunately I do not see any fuel draining from the overflow line, but I do have a mind to remove the carbs again and closely inspect the CV boots for any possible hole or tear that I may have missed last year. I will also reset the float height to 8mm. Which is it? 7mm or 8mm?

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