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Well I must have tested the PAIR valve wrong the first time. I just did it again, and it's holding vacuum as it is supposed to. LOL Don't ask me why, but it seems to check out fine. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the lower aft side of the filter box, and it is joined in with one hose going to the top of the PAIR, and the other going to the solenoid. At idle, you apply vacuum pressure to the hose and vacuum should hold and the PAIR induction tube that makes the gurgling sound when the PAIR is open should stop sucking air; this performed as required. So at this point I'd say the PAIR is functioning correctly.

Now that I think of it, the PAIR seems to be a useless system as all it is doing is feeding fresh hair to the exhaust system, I guess to help supply oxygen to unburned fuels; kind of like an after-burner system. I'm thinking about deleting the PAIR. *Hides under the table* I'm waiting on the first Goldwing mechanic to shoot me.

Has anyone deleted the PAIR system yet? As for the Intake Air Shot Air Valve (IASA), I think I'm keeping that just for safety so as to avoid locking up the rear tire during hard deceleration. Can't have my babe on the back falling off....well if she pisses me off I might.

Do we really need the PAIR? Think of the weight I could remove as well as the extra hoses, manifold, reed valves, etc.

In your honest opinion, notwithstanding any SAE (Same As Engineered) folks out there, is there anything detrimental to deleting the PAIR?
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