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Jamut wrote:
Well tell us, how did you get it jacked up or better yet post a picture. I'm getting tried of laying on the floor to work on this thing.
Well you can purchase a bulldog jack that works fine. Or with the economy model jacks like the harbor freight one and sears, what I do is:

Your balance point is directly under the center stand pivot bolts. You want the jack on the right side of the bike, with the left bar of the jack directly across where the center stand pivot points are. You have to be very careful and not put pressure on the coolant tank. Put rear suspension in the full up position and put the side stand on a 2 by six or something, and I have also cut two pieces of 3/4 plywood and notched out the back of them so they will not harm the coolant tank, and using velcro positioned those spacers on the jack so they stay put. This somewhat levels the contoured engine bottom and just provides enough clearance to not put the full weight of the bike on the two side bars of the frame.

I use a jack versus the lift, if I wish to check the front steering head tension, or change a front tire, and also do strap it to the lift , and also provide support under the rear wheel or front wheel, whichever one you are not working on, support the other one.

When you have it right, the rear wheel will come off the floor first, then the front, just 1/2 inch forward or back makes a difference.

Oh and do not try to move the 1800 when up on a jack, it is cool with the bulldog, but not these little ones. Your are asking for trouble trying to move the bike around when up on one of the small jacks.


The 1800 is my bike. The very best motorcycle ever made. I was enthralled with my first test ride on this machine. It is a great bike. A crotch rocket with storage bags.............As for oil I use the slick kind, and I like round tires, but as of late I have found square ones work best on the rear. Pirelli Eufori 195/55/16 @ 32 PSI
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