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Originally Posted by tirebuildersrule View Post
i've used zenni for about 6 years now. They are cheap and a decent quality. I have 5 pairs, you can more then one pair at there prices. I haven't lost any, but if you do, its not that big of a deal....
Compared to my Lenscrafters Titanium glasses, which at retail cost $500/pair, that is a much better deal...

the reason I have them, is when I retired, I had $2,000 in a Medical Healthcare Savings Account.... those things are okay for families with predictable expenses, but for a single person retiring? it was spend it all, or loose it all...

so, I bought 5 pairs of glasses all at the same time.

Single Vision Reading: a godsend for a laptop in your lap, while in a recliner.

BiFocals for driving and reading the gauges on the car.

Computer glasses for my Desktop with a 24 inch monitor where I set back about 36-40 inches from the monitor, reading glasses made me hunch over the desk.... now I can sit in my Office Chair and lean back and still read the monitor.

Sunglasses: goofed on these, thought I would love the wrap around kind....
uh, no, no one can make those things work with Prescription Lenses that have Astigmatism correction.... I sent them back 3 times, and gave up.

Talked to my local eye doctor about that just a month ago, and he said the same thing, can't be done.

Should have bought the Aviator Style, those work as the lenses are flat.
I will order a pair of these from Zenni Opitical.
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