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street roid! you can make a harley fast and lots of fun and still get 50 mpg....but the dealer cant. hd got in bed with the epa years ago to shut out the aftermarket, (greed). backfired on them. then they lied big time and violated federal law by claiming you couldnt modoify a harley without using hd parts.

i loved taking a customer into the hd showroom and tossing a copy of maggneson moss waranty act on the counter and talking really loud in front of their customers. "you lied to my customer. you violated federal law. would you like to tell these nice folks how they will void warranty by modifying their bikes with non-harley parts?"

now they can only offer stage 1 or 2 download tunes which still hve really skewed timing tables and richen the mix across the board. they cant build a real motor because they have to use hd junk so they can offer hd warranty.

problem is... about 90 percent of their customers still whip outthe credit card to add noise and chrome and totally screw up their bike.
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