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Originally Posted by acenhan View Post
As Stated Follow the check list. When in doubt Change the ignition fuse. Is your battery fully charged and has enough fuel to be pick up? Make sure the fuel pump is pumping fuel could be bad clogged fuel filter. If you are not running non ethanol fuel there can be water separation that makes the fuel inert. Startron or Seafoam can restore whatever. you have in it. make sure you do not have a bad petcock.
Hopefully between the list, and simple deduction will put u on the right path.
His starter is running, that indicates the ignition fuse, ignition relay, Bank Angle Sensor and Kill switch are all good.

On his 1998, the starter will not run unless there is power to the Kill switch and it is in the run position.

The battery and fuel supply are possibilities. Remote possibility of a couple other items.

I suspect we have given him enough suggestions to find the problem.
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