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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
ala 1965:

I ordered up a brand new '65 Plymouth Satellite, 2 dr HT

  • 330 hp 383ci : OK
  • 4 spd shifter Hurst Competition Plus : OK
  • Posi-trac ( limited slip ) : OK
  • Air Conditioning : uh, you aren't allowed to have that, this is a High Performance car.
  • Color choice : chose gold body, black top. should have went solid black
  • Disc Brakes : uh, you aren't allowed to have those sir, they are only available on xyz car... WTH? I need to be able to stop, I want Disc Brakes.... sorry, no can do
disappointed, bought it anyway.....
should have got a GTO instead
You could get two and three tone, mix any colour interior with any colour exterior. Now you get grey or off grey interior with unicolour exterior. The joy of marketing.

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