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Originally Posted by gipsy42 View Post
Hi Rickf1985; and also all "seniors":

I've started to have same pain while riding about the start of 2017, after some IMR doctor told me that that hip was no longer good, and eventually had to be replaced, that I could wait until it became worst or arrange an appointment for replacement; so I decided not to have more pain.

I've had my right hip replaced on 05/05/17 and I resumed riding by September that year. No bad side effects, I feel healthy and strong, even forgot that went thru surgery.
More on this issue, last march I was going out and made a big stupid thing while climbing her, (\Two stupid things that I did_) and forgiving at that time of my surgery I tried to pick her up, maked an uncontrolled effort and ruptured my last dorsal vertebra. Now all healed Iím start riding again, but the weather doesnít allow me for itís raining almost all weekends.

Please donít worry, it wonít be worst than itís now.

Be strong and ride safe and happily.

BTW, next month Iíll be 76 YY.
Thanks Mario, That is exactly the real world experience I was looking for. I already had the lower back surgery so I know how that works. Thanks to all that replied. I see the surgeon in two weeks to schedule the right side and then I guess he will do the left sometime after. I would like to be able to get back in the seat come springtime.
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