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Originally Posted by Rickf1985 View Post
Since a couple of you out there are in the slightly older age group I was wondering how many of you have had hip replacements and how that has affected your riding? Both of my hips have gone out and I am looking at replacements. It is at the point now that I can't ride due to the instability of my hips so I have to get it done. I just want to know if I will be riding afterwards or do I put the bike up for sale.

Rick, You need to keep in mind that each individual is different. The rate of healing and final recovery is different for everyone. Therapy is very important....!

We are not all created exactly equal. Doctors, hospitals and individuals all contribute to the success (or not).

Not trying to scare you, just believe in telling things the way they are.......!!

Hope your surgery goes well and you recover youthfully.
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