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Miles traveled

Originally Posted by gumbyred View Post
How many miles travelled in 50 years Rayjoe?
I have no idea. Probably not that many. I rode a lot of off road for years. I owned a 1971 250 Husqvarna for 38 years. I was bummed out for a month after I sold it. I've gone on several long trips but I've never been one to keep track of miles. Three trips from Oregon to Kansas and back. Sturgis in 1979 and 2008 from Oregon. Several others around the Western United States with a buddy. When I was 18 I rode from Leavenworth Kansas to Denver Colorado. Down to Colorado Springs and to the top of Pikes Peak. 1700 miles in a week on a 1972 TS250 Suzuki Savage. Yeah a two stroke! When I got to the top of Pikes Peak people looked at me like I was crazy. I looked around and realized I was the only bike up there.

Even co-owned a TM 250 Suzuki while stationed in Korea. I was an Air Traffic Controller. We got permission from the air field commander and laid out a motocross track between the runway and the taxiway. Used to stand in the control tower with a stop watch and time each other running the track. One day I was in the tower timing my buddy and a helicopter landed short by the tower. An officer got out a ran up to my buddy on the bike. I figured our poop was weak. Next thing I know the officer climbs on the bike and takes a couple of laps. He was the post Chaplain and missed his bike back in the states. Everybody needs some bike therapy now and then.


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