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I replaced all the vacuum hoses on my 88. I had one dry out and crack, so while I had it apart, I just replaced all of them.

Honda does not sell bulk hose. If I remember correctly, the only one they still sell that is shaped is the S curved one that is under the carburetor. There was another one that had curves that was not available from Honda. I just added a little more length of hose so it was not pinched as it curved.

The hose is metric and is in two different sizes. You can buy metric bulk hose from Amazon or E Bay. I do not remember the size, but you can find it on a parts Fisch. You will not find this hose at your local auto parts store unless they cater to European vehicles. The US hose is either just a little to big, or is to small and will cause the hose to bulge when slipped onto the nipple. This will just crack over time and cause vacuum leaks. Believe me, you only want to do this once!

As far as the carbs go, I just got the rubber parts from Honda. I did my rebuild 5 years ago. So, not sure if all the parts are still available.

Randakk has great kits. I will be using one when I rebuild the carbs on my GL1000 project bike.

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