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Originally Posted by ALEX BERECZKY View Post
It took me 3-days to replace all the vacuum lines, working a couple hours a day... Worst case of skinned-knuckles, ever!

I simply bought ~30ft of each size, various sized vacuum, coolant and fuel lines, then cut off whatever length was needed... It's really cheap, so might as well just buy extra. I got all mine off the bulk spools from local auto supply; I doubt they were an exact match, but worked fine. I added Spring Clamps to all hose ends, to ensure no leaks.

Bulk hose works in most locations, but there were a few places (tight radii) where I had problems with the hose wanting to kink... Most of the time I simply made a Big (360 degree) Loop there, to avoid that.

You'll have to remove the Left Exhaust manifold, in order to access the vacuum lines beneath it... And you're supposed to replace the manifold Gasket when re-assembling.

If you do the coolant lines (as you should, BTW), I'd highly recommend replacing the Black-Plastic-Tee-Ftg (right side, forward, behind right pulley) with a Brass-Tee... as I've had the plastic one break several times.
Thanks Alex. Looks like I'm in for a swell time. I'm hoping to use Honda hose just to reduce the risk of a leak where I'd have to do it all again. I saw on the parts fiche that they do sell in bulk but it looks like it's about $14 for 1 meter. That could get pricey eh?

Later: I just looked online and there's plenty of metric vacuum hose available in silicone. Anyone us this stuff? Apparently it's superior to rubber.


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