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Originally Posted by gumbyred View Post
At that many miles they will still run great, but you about have to give it away to get rid of it. Little repair jobs can get to be expensive. Just have to decide how much time and money you want to keep putting into it. I gave my 1500 away at 235K because it wasn`t cost effective to fix anymore. Wanted a 1800 anyway.
Something like a car, get past a certain mileage/Kms and nobody wants to buy it, or you get pittance for it. Motorcycle the same. I've asked many who make this type of comment if they wanted me to buy the vehicle and not drive it.

Labour if you do your own is not counted, in a shop will probably be expensive. Parts obsolescence is an issue, but the classic cars in Cuba are a good example of keeping something going, even if the internals that you cannot see are from something else.

Most of us use the bike for pleasure, or to supplement our transportation during good weather, hence you see a lot of older bikes with low mileage/Kms.

My last point is that if your bike is mechanically sound, and working well, would an upgrade to a newer bike be cost effective, especially if you have to finance it.

Besides it's fun doing the wrenching. Could have an older vintage car that comes out for Sunday drives. Lots of money spent by that crowd.

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