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Originally Posted by Michael J33 View Post
Thanks, have GL1800 and would need the adapter for it, so looking around $700. Plus for it Canadian, love the way it holds the bike up, on the pics you have show me.

yea the J&S jack company is just in the next town from me. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin (USA) and the company is literally 10 miles from me in the next town.
And the are the best out there. They even have a lifetime warranty that goes with the jack. That is why I bought it and can testify that they are the best.

I tried a "PIT BULL" jack that someone had for sale used and my wing just rocked around on the jack as it was going up and I did not like that as my wing is my baby and it weights close too 900 pounds and I just didnt trust it. I tried my neighbors J&S jack that he had for his Harley and wow what a difference in stability it had while raising and while the wing was up on it just sitting there.
Besides the PIT BULL will not work with the GL1800 as they dont offer that adapter that you need for the GL1800.
Look it up on You Tube and search for J&S jack and there is a video of the comparison between them.
I did alot of research before I bought my jack and it always came up as J&S is the best.

It is a bit pricey but for what it does and for the warranty that they have on it you can not go wrong.

Best investment I have ever made!!!!!!!!
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