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Determining "fault" by the PD doesn't include finding out the "training" of each driver, although the rule of thumb is to consider each to be an "average" driver.

The hypothetical doesn't include the woman's speed backing, AND doesn't describe any obstructions, parked vehicles, shrubs/trees, or time of day/night. Any of this could contribute to her being at fault.

Unless there was a "drag-racing" witnessed, or reckless driving witnessed, , Bellevue PD got it right because it is the responsibility of the driver backing up to ONLY back out when it is safe. Its her responsibility to look and determine if she can back out safely by looking far enough on each side to avoid being a hazard to oncoming traffic.

Measuring the skid length, determining the co-efficient of friction of the pavement, and the extent of damage to both vehicles will only give a minimum approximation of speed, but will not be an "exact" speed.

AZGL1800, , that is some good looking stone-work on your driveway wall, , ,I'm guessing the mail-driver "blocks" the driveway and walks down 20' or so and puts the mail in your mailbox. Those RxR tracks are definitely an issue too. STAY SAFE WHEN EXITING!!

EDITED: The following post (badMonk) has a point, , ,I "qualify" my comments with the phrase,, , "If this happened in MY state, , , ,"

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