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Side Bags on GL 2002 Will Not Open

Hi All,
Its been the better part of 14+ years since I have been here. Time flies!

I am getting ready to sell my dear beautiful 2002 GL 1800. Only 10,600 miles on it. Yup those are the real miles! I don't want to sell it but sadly lost my employment over a year ago and finding out once you are over 60, few want to even look at your resume.

I have a couple problems I didn't ever know I had. I am kindly asking for some insight and possible solutions.

Problem One: The button to place cruise control stays on. Obviously the plunger or spring has weakened. Is this an easy fix to just remove the right controls and possibly spray some silicone?
I had to do this with the emergency/hazard button and it has worked for the last 8 years: Yes I had to remove quite a bit of Tupperware to get to it. - auuughhh)

Problem Two: The left lever inside the main bag is broke and in my hand so I cannot even release the hook for the left side bag. Is this a simple fix or will taking it to Honda cost me arm and leg?

Problem Three: The right lever inside the main bag works and releases the hook but the right side bag does not open. Is there any other way to open these side bags. I might have used these side bags 2-3 way back in 2003-2004 so I never knew I had a problem.

Thank you very very much in advance
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