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Originally Posted by JamesPal View Post
There are going to be some opposing comments about this, but I don't think any Goldwing makes a good first bike. There are a lot of good starter bikes in the 400 pound range. At 6'4" and a 32 inseam you are going to have problems with buffeting around the helmet on most windshield equipped bikes. One of the late model Triumph twins would be a reasonable place to start. I have my reasons for this statement and it is based on Safety. Just my 2
Agree with JamesPal. Lots to consider when taking on a GW. Where are you located, can you ride all year round to get enough experience to step up to a larger bike? Your safety is paramount, too large a bike at start can ruin a good riding career. In Ontario, Canada the Ministry restricts the size of your first bike on initial licencing - this is when you are new to riding, or if you gave up your motorcycle licence in the past and have to get a motorcycle licence again.

Take an initial licencing course, ride for a year, take an advanced course to further your skill set. After a couple of years look for a GW.

Don't rush it, this will also let you look for a good used GW.

Just a few thoughts on this. Good luck. Cheers

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