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After 2 months of being apart, the bike is starting to go back together. I had to wait all that time for shock bushings to come from Progressive. In the mean time I ordered wheel dampers and installed them a few weeks ago. I lubed the splines with moly paste and sat back for a few more weeks until the bushings came in. It was a bear getting the new bushings on but I finally found the technique. Trying to press them in with a vice, C-clamps and quick clamps, didn't do the trick. I even tried using a bolt and washers to squeeze it in there but no dice. The last thing I tried was to beat them in. Nope. Not by beating the bushing anyway. What I did was set the bushing on a 2X4 sitting on the garage floor. I centered the eye of the shock directly on the bushing. I set an old socked a bit bigger than the eye on top of it. I stood over the shock with my big old sledge hammer dangling just above it. When the mood felt just right, I let it drop. You have to prop the other end of the shock so the eye is aligned with the bushing perfectly and it will go in. If you are off by even a tad, things go flying but you just do it again. One bushing I had to try twice but the other three went the first time. Make sure when the shock comes down over the bushing the other parts of the shock won't hit anything. I was going to put it all back together today but I noticed the desiccant in the compressor was white instead of blue. I'll be pulling the pump off and drying out those little beads tomorrow I reckon.
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