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Jerry Burns
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New Helmet For Christmas

The wife and I tried something new this year. She went and bought her Christmas present and I bought mine.
I went up to Cycle Gear and bought a new helmet. It's a Bilt 3/4 with built in head set. They had a clearance sale on them so I got a good deal. I wanted a Black helmet in a 2xl so they got it from another store, 2 days and it was here. The helmet has a full face shield and the built in Sena wiFi unit. The unit Blue Tooth's to my phone real easy. I think I'm going to buy one for the wife so we can talk back and forth and she can have music. The speakers sound a little better than my J&M set up in my old helmet. My old helmet was getting worn out starting to hurt so the padding was wearing. I did about 100 miles on the freeway to try it out, It feels real good a little lighter than the old one but it is not any quieter than my old one. I don't think for the style and the price I payed it's going to be quiet. The list on the helmet was $339.00 and I payed $169.00 . I bought a dark shield and a clear one, I guess I will have to take both with me or start wearing sun glasses. It was cold so I didn't try the vents but when it warms up I'll see if they are better than my old helmet . I just had my radio set up for my I phone at Sierra but the wireless deal is much better. The unit that Bilt get from Sena do not have FM built in, it only hooks up to a phone. But I can talk on the phone or receive calls. The only thing I will miss from my old helmet is the built in sun shade on the inside so I didn't need sun glasses. I should know more in August after some long trips this next year. I think this is a good helmet and good quality for the money spent. I tried on some much more expensive helmets and they did not feel any better. So like everything else this is a good helmet for me. Not the best but pretty good.
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