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Have used SENA communicators for the past 4 years starting with SMH10R low profile. Can be detached but the battery is on the rear of the helmet so charging was done while installed on the helmet. Have the Shoei Neotec II helmets with the integrated SENA communicator. Have to charge on the helmet, but not an issue. Have USB ports front and rear on the bike(s) just in case power is needed. Started with the SENA units before I started riding GWs and have stayed with them since. Allows us to talk to other riders that do not have GWs or CB units.

I did a trip across Canada from northern Ontario to Victoria BC by myself and had the cell phone connected to the communicator. Enjoyed receiving calls because it broke the monotony of highway driving, not a lot of scenery change on the prairies. It allowed Sonya to contact me to discuss progress, chat and whatever - gave her peace of mind. My brother called me as well and thought it was a good idea. Nice feature.

As to the colour, white is also cooler than a dark helmet during the summer months.

Just my thoughts.

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