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Originally Posted by flylow View Post
I donít know what caused the downfall of posters but here is what I do know. does not have a rally to bring members together. does not have a forum mascot. does not have the kanwings wild rhinos group. has lost many prolific posters that have moved to another forum and then on to face book. still has a dedicated group of folks that help as much as possible and are holding the forumís head above water. This group is here, day and night, to help both the new and seasoned wing riders. You know who you are and I appreciate you being here.

I hope weíre not too late to change directions.
We sort of still have a rally, also the midwest M&G every labor day weekend, info on that for this year soon I hope.
We had a mascot, don't know where he went.
The rhinos were a pretty small group in the grand scheme.
I don't get the attraction to facebook.

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