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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
If there are some "lurkers out there" reading this thread, please step up and let us hear from you.
(Wasn't LURKING, This is first I noticed this thread...)

I too have noticed the drop in post count (usually just read 'Tech', 'General', 'Misc' and 'New Members' and ignore the Alphabet games), from my perspective has not hit 'Docs as hard as 'Facts. And I usually don't check the 1800 Forums at 'Docs as I don't usually have much familiarity with that machine. I do read them once in a while and catch up on the unread posts though. The 4 cyl forums at 'Docs seem to come-and-go in activity but the 6 cyl forums are always pretty steady.

I don't know anything about what's going on in FarceBarf either... ...and don't care, either...

I suspect it's just seasonal though. 'Docs seems to get a nice boost in activity early in the month with Newsletter Scott puts out. Used to get the one from here ( but that's been a while, I shut down e-mail notifications on "subscribed threads" 'cause they were making a mess of my e-mail at work, and I likely killed the newsletter in the process.. I don't really miss the 'Facts newsletter, pretty much just advertising from anyway...

There, I Posted! Now next time I hit this thread I can be LURKING

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