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Jamespal, you may be thinking there are lots of 11/12 swaps at NGW, but I can only think of two. One never came back with a ride report. Don’t know what happened to him. There are lots of 1000/1200 swaps. To my recollection reading over there I am the only one who wrote liking to take off in second gear and that was with the 3.40 final drive of the 1000 and with my wife on back. The gear ratios between the bikes are actually quite close. First gear in the 85-87 1200 is 2.571:1 while the 82 was 2.5:1— pretty close. 2-3-4 are exactly the same in the 82-87 bikes. The 1200 fifth gear is 0.800:1 vs the 82’s 0.829. There is a difference in the secondary gears in the 83-84 models which might account for something, but it brings the ratios the other direction taller geared. To counter this the 83-84 models had a 2.642 first gear.

If you strip the bike down a bit, a 2.83:1 final drive is all I think want. I have an 83 swingarm and final drive in the shed. I would love to fit it on for comparison purposes. I think it might be better for bombing around the city.
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