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Morning all. Just another update.

Last evening and this morning I switched the ignition on and initially all was fine. I waited for a couple of hours, switched the ignition on once more, and sure enough the problem reoccurred. What I have discovered now is should I disconnect and immediately reconnect the white multiplug, (C66), everything appears to work fine again, for a short time at least. I have checked the pins and sockets as best as I can and cannot see any obvious faults.

I intend to leave the bike as it is for now, except for switching the ignition on from time to time until the problem reoccurs, as I'm sure it will? I will then disconnect and reconnect the C66 multiplug to see what happens and go from there!

Going back to one of my previous posts I did suggest that the C66 connector was a possible cause and put cable ties around this thinking there may be a faulty connection? The cable ties didn't cure the problem at that time.

The potential question then is going to be is the connector itself at fault or is there an underlying fault within the cluster itself? Maybe a faulty component that short circuits, or open circuits after a short time and works again once the power is terminated when the multiplug is disconnected? I just don't know at this stage.

I don't know if I can do this but I was thinking of posting videos of the dash working properly and when it shows the fault. The question is: Can videos be uploaded or not?

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