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Originally Posted by briese View Post
I did the same LED installation on my '98. I didn't like the idea of the parallel resistor installations either but they worked okay except for the Fuel light. I didn't trust that it would come on when needed with that resistor bridging the LED.

And, the HI Beam LED was too bright. So, I removed the parallel resistor from the Fuel light and then reinstalled a standard 194 bulb. I am certain that the new bulb will last a very long time since it usually only comes on during the test cycle. I tested the Fuel light and it works as advertised.

I hot glued a small piece of card stock onto the top of the HI beam LED and the Cruise LED's. They were a bit too bright.
Hi briese. You didn't experience the same issue as me then with the time running erratically and the bulb test function not working correctly? I did notice only yesterday that the low fuel warning lamp wasn't working. Another reason why I decided to take all the LED's out for the moment.

I may install LED's and just have normal bulbs for the low fuel, cruise on and cruise set and that will alleviate the need for resistors. I've just been looking for suitable new bulbs on Ebay in the UK but cannot find anything suitable at the moment

I do agree that the main beam is a little bright with LED, but I think I prefer this as the normal bulbs on mine tend to be very dull
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