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I'll be doing a 7 day camping trip this summer in July. Probably OR and ID. Haven't tent camped in many years and question the wisdom of it (for me) this time. My riding bud wants to tent camp rather than taking the RVs. I'm willing to give it a go.


Our trip will consist of "one night stands"...and THAT is a pain in the behind. Always setting up and then breaking camp. And I'm lazy.
In the past I've had a few trips where I was delighted to have a motel room in wet weather. A hot shower and a way to dry out some riding gear as needed.
No way now I could carry enough gear on a bike (even a 'Wing) to be happy. BUT, I do have a small cargo trailer and we'll be using that.
Weather, insects, personal safety, comfort, etc: YIKES!
Cost of say, KOA campsites cost each rider about as much as sharing an inexpensive motel.

Makes for more of an "adventure".
Can be good for the soul, getting back to basics.
Save lodging money at free and/or cheap campgrounds.
Save money by doing most of your own cooking.
More options for overnighting, being able to pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere if desired.
You'll likely meet folks you otherwise wouldn't have. That is usually a good thing.


If never it at least once to say you did, and to see if you like it.
The younger you are (fewer aches and pains) the more likely you are to have a good experience (just generally speaking)
Personally I would (legally) carry a handgun.
As stated much earlier in this thread...take the biggest tent that is practical for your needs.
Don't over pack, but don't leave any necessities you'll need to camp in the style you have in mind.
Be open and able to motel it if a situation calls for it.
I think mental preparedness is even more of an issue on a camping trip than when using motels.
Have fun.
Have fun.
AND Have fun!

Dan & Jo Ann

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