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Mark Bardell
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Whoah, the man carrying a hand gun puts it right up me. We cannot access handguns in NZ, not legally anyway. Don't need em. Understand your circumstances in the US may be a little different, What with wild animals and the like, two and four legged types I guess. We just camp.

We have what we call DOC campsites dotted all over the country side. Camps with an assortment of facilities that can be basic or slightly more lavish depending on location. Prices range from around $7.00 through to about $20.00 depending on said facilities. Most provide solar crappers and basic running water usually piped to a tank from a bore or a nearby stream. Some have cold showers but mostly she's a bucket and a flannel, soap optional. Carry your own cooking facilities and an esky (cooler bag) for foodstuffs. Lighting of fires not usually an option unless you have a site with proper fire pits (unusual)
This time of year its pretty warm with temperatures around the mid twenties(Celsius) occasional rain but if you're geared up right its not usually a major problem. Quite cooling actually. I'll be setting off from Auckland (north of the north island and heading south to the capital (Wellington) then across cook strait his ferry to the south island. Doing a circuit of the south island via Kaikoura where I'll be dining on crayfish and paua (abalone) dropping down towards Invercargill to the national motorcycle museum and into Bluff where the worlds best oysters come from.
Returning via the west coast roads past fjiords and glaciers (can get a wee bit rainy here), back over to Wellington and up the north islands east coast.

About eleven days in total, maybe twelve. Visiting with friends and relatives throughout the trip it'll be magic. Only four days leave required as the period covers both Easter and ANZAC day holidays. ANZAC is a day memorialising our war dead so we'll stopping off as appropriate for the dawn service somewhere along the way.

If you're in the neighbourhood..............

Departing around April 18th.

Bring your tent


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