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Mark Bardell
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I purchased a low mileage '91 1500SE anniversary edition. Was cruising the web looking for GW related sites and bumped into this one. The threads go way back and if I spend a bit of time searching, it seems I can find a wealth of cool information. Love the site. Don't post a whole lot but I do check in regularly.
Keep it coming.
I also came upon a site called Bikerbits Australia. A bloke called Mark Vincent runs it with his partner Nay (Naomi). He does a you tube presentation called Mancave Tuesday. Its really good. Normal stuff by a normal bloke. I catch it every week. Check it out. He's an Aussie (can't have everything) and as I'm a kiwi I can admit only that Australia is the second greatest place in the world behind New Zealand. You 'merry cans' ain't the only ones with nationalistic pride you know.
Anyway, between this site and bikerbits i find the feet up time I spend when not riding is more than adequately taken up.
Keep it coming folks

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