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Jerry Burns
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I don't know where to start, the temp sensor will not effect fuel mpg. If the floats are leaking you need to fix the carb's and maybe change the plug's if they show sign's that they were running rich. Check the carb diaphragms for leaks, they will cause the bike to not take gas. Expensive $200.00 for both only buy the Honda OEM. Ask how I know. After you get the bike running with the carb's fixed balance the carbs with each other. You need some kind of gauge, I bought some with fluid in them and you set one carb to the other. I could not balance them by ear or other methods. Once you do all that start looking at the coils and wire's. I think your carbs are not right and look for vacuum leaks the hose's under the carbs and the hose's from the left head. and all the other hose's. The carb's have to be right or that bike will not run right. also your going to have the fan out to replace the sensor might as well pull the other one and fix the carb's. Just my 2 cents
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