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Jerry Burns
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DBohrer, you are right about the fans, left is much harder to get out and in. There is a bracket in the back , upper right side that if you take that bolt out it gives a little slack to get the fan back in. Thats sitting and facing the left fan. Having both fan's out makes it a little better for me. Those's pages from the manually should help him change that sensor. I replaced my jet's in the carb's with what was in a kit the main jets were 48's the bike would not accelerate and would bog down if I rolled the throttle on to fast. I put the stock 58 jet's back in and replaced the diaphragms that was over 2 years ago and no problems. I get 35 to 39 mpg depends on where I'm going. I do think different years had different size main jets because of smog law's. I have found if I try to fix to many things at once I don't have much luck. That's what I was trying to say, get the carb's right and vacuum lines back where they go and the bike should run. If not look at the spark. Works for me but I just guessing.
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