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bluetooth helmet headsets

I am looking at cutting the cord, I have a 2004 GW with factory CB. I want to use everything Audio, intercom, CB, add on GPS and cell. I need some info on helmet systems. Cardo, Sena, Uclear all have models and I have read at all sites. what I need is some user feedback. If you believe factory info, they are all the best thing since sliced bread. For the price, I don't want to purchase something that expensive and not get good performance.

From what I have learned, a bluetooth dongle would work plugging into rider 5 pin. This would get audio and gps. Intercom would be taken care of by rider/ passenger bluetooth sets. Cell also would be handled by BT. The CB is where I get brain lock. How to get Mic signal to system.

Sena freewire, seems to have it all, but I really dont want to spend another $250-$300. I was hoping there was a generic work around that someone had figured out.
Any with experience on any or all the brands of helmet systems comments would be welcome.

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