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Originally Posted by ALEX BERECZKY View Post
You need to connect Hose#20 directly to the Fuel Filter #2, thereby by-passing Hose#17 and the auto shut-off valve#4.
It's easy... takes all of 1 minute, once you've removed the plastic radio housing.

I've learned that my fuel petcock is malfunctioning and this may have been the reason for my momentary engine slow down on Thanksgiving Day.

I decided to check the petcock today by disconnecting the vacuum line to the valve, and plugging the vacuum line. I then connected a vacuum pump to the petcock valve but did not apply vacuum. I started the bike and it just kept on running. Unless I'm in error, when vacuum pressure is applied to the valve, the diaphragms are pulled back to allow fuel to port through the valve and into the carbs. When the engine is shutdown, vacuum is lost and the diaphragms in the valve should close to prevent fuel travel. So it's not shutting off fuel flow, and might even be limiting fuel flow. Additionally, the failed valve might be the reason for the gas smell I get sometimes after shutdown; it is probably leaking somewhere that I do not see.

With regards to deleting the valve, wouldn't this be a bad thing? I would assume deleting the valve would allow fuel to be gravity-fed from the filter and into the carbs. Granted the float needles are supposed to prevent this when the needles are seated and thereby preventing further fuel from entering. But we all know that float needles are not a perfect mechanism, and I'd think it would be better to have a fuel shutoff control.

Looks very easy to do; just basically removing the main fuel line from the valve and connecting it directly to the filter. Have you done this already? Ever noticed any leaks or engine-flooding?

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