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Originally Posted by chris301up View Post
The tester I always preferred to use when I worked at our local tyre and exhaust company many years ago was the Durite Tester, but these are now illegal to use in the UK has they spark and have caused injury in the past. Really good and shows dud cells etc. Most shops now use an equivalent tester the Ancel with crocodile clips. Both of these are shown in the images
There is a real easy no nonsense backyard battery test. Connect your voltmeter to the battery and set to DC volts. With the voltmeter connected try to start the bike. Does your voltmeter read 10 volts or better while the starter is cranking? If not you either have a starter issue (not likely) or the battery is junk. Voltage in and of itself is inconclusive. If the battery reads 13.2 volts at rest and drops to 7 volts while cranking under load, it is no good. If the battery reads 13.2 volts and 10.5 volts while cranking under load the battery is not the issue. The question is how does the battery stand up to a load. Static voltage does not mean much.


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