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This Post is Confusing ! ! !

1. I hear things like Battery Is discharging

1 a. How do you know ?

2. Battery load test shows 12.x volts after on a charge

2a. A battery has 6 cells . each only produces 2.1 volts 2.1x6 = 12.6 volts fully charged

2b. You see 13.2v or what ever because it was just charged

2c. When test a battery that has been just charged , they tell you to knock off surface charge with carbon pyle style tester. Then retest .

3. Electronic battery tester

3a. if you use an electronic battery tester be sure and clip it on LEAD ONLY or it WILL Be False

don't believe me go to manufacture website.

3b. Also you must tell the electronic tester machine, what kind of battery it is , or it will be false .

4. Lights on all the time

4a. With Key off ????

4b. I never met a road bike that did not have lights on with it running , but I maybe wrong
4c. I explained how to check for a draw

4d. Does it start ???

5. A lot of folks trying to help but I think ( no offense this has gone off the rails ) I think everyone is confused, especially those trying to help .

6. Does it start after a fully charged battery ?

if no

Then You have to pick your Battles it only make sense to fix that first.

often solving one issue fixes another .

If Bike does not start , I would start there ( no pun)

Substitute a battery , or Jump start Bike , or Take Battery to a place that can test it.

If Bike starts .....then your dim lights could be a bad ground or maybe you like the others said burned a relay contact maybe when touching pins with your meter and shorted something.

Again if bike starts , do my test light trick (parasitic draw test) , this will isolate which circuit is drawing when key is off ( I think, I'm sure. I read you said lights stay on with key off but are dim) ( see my previous post)

Neutral light acting quirky as well , often multiple problems indicate some sort of ground or short problem.

Improvise , you could put motorcycle battery in your car and just see if headlights work on car , to get an idea if battery will light headlamps.

If you have a bad ground on your bike , you may never get bike to start , or good headlights .....making you think its the battery. Prove its the battery , put it in your car

and see if headlights come on . ( i know it wont start the car , but 12v headlights are about the same) Or have battery tested.

You know, windows didn't get that bad over night! It took fifteen years of careful development!

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