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Originally Posted by uniqueslumber View Post
I have a 1985 Honda Goldwing Interstate that will not start 98% of the time, it turns over when the starter button is pushed but about the seventh time a loud double barreled shot gun blast comes of the exhaust when it does start , again about 2% of the time it runs but sounds like its loading up . Timing ok ,coils check good, carbs ok I should also mention this happened within a matter of two days when it first didn't start I jiggled and tightened battery connections and rode it home no problems even stopping and restarting again then second day the back firing started,
Suggestions Please and Thank you

Verify that the Rubber Isolator/s (between carb and intake manifold) are Snug... I've so often found them Loose or Cracked, in which case it Leans out the fuel mixture.
If that's happening on yours, then it may explain why it's hard to start, but then backfires (due to the exhaust system being full of wrongly-mixed air/fuel, when it does finally fire)

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