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Wiring for Heated Clothing GL1500 SE

Hello all,

I'm doing my winter maintenance/upgrades and I'm kind of stuck.

It's a 1993 GL1500. The better half and I got some heated jacket liners for Christmas and I'm getting the bike set up before the snow melts.

I replaced the alternator with a 95 amp unit, battery is a Deka AGM

I wired a 40 amp relay to a 6 circuit DC sub panel using the ACC terminal. That's all good.

For her it was pretty simple - I wired a Firstgear DC coax jack panel mount and routed it to the little storage compartment door under her armrest, routed the wires under where the seat is and drilled a small hole in the compartment to fish the wires. She can plug right in.

Now for me it's not so easy.

I have a single heatroller, the portable one. I really have no idea where to mount it. From poking around it looks like most used the clutch reservoir lid, or the mounting bolts for the clutch to keep it on the left hand side. What I would ultimately like to do is mount another Firstgear jack panel somewhere up front and use it to plug/unplug the heatroller etc when not in use. So here are my questions:

Where is a good spot to mount the jack? I thought the right locking compartment lid would be good but it's on the wrong side of the bike to put the controller on the clutch. It's an SE so it has the CB so that panel is out. The hole for the jack is about 5/8 of an inch. Depth is maybe an inch.

An idea is using some velcro or something to put the controller on the flat side of the right side panel where the rear compressor control is, but the jacket liner is corded on the left side.

Any suggestions? and if you have any of pics of your install that would be appreciated.

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