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Originally Posted by Rick Taylor View Post
My bike has sat more than usual during this winter. I've noticed a small amount of water under the bike. It does this while stationary. I took it to a local dealer and they seem to think it's a head gasket leak. It would be expensive to pull this apart and they don't want to do it anyway.
Any thoughts on this? I don't take long trips. Only 2 to 3 hours locally around Dallas/Fort Worth on weekends.
The bike runs perfectly and isn't overheating.

Anyone have any luck with stop leak products like Bar's Leaks?


There's no way to tell the Source, without pulling the tupperware and searching around for the leak while the engine is running.
I've fixed a half-dozen such leaks on my 1990 & 2000, and can tell ya that the location they emerge from is often quite different than where they start.
Best thing to do is to remove the side tupperware, and the Fan Housings... then run the bike while sticking your nose inside with a GOOD flashlight... you'll typically find the leak by the time the engine warms up.

Until you do that, then don't even consider Bar's Leaks or similar... as you might be trying to "Plug a loose hose clamp", or similarly poorly suited solution.

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