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Hi all! Sorry I've been offline for a while. Wanted to give you all a follow up.

Apparently finding a new gas cap is difficult since they are no longer making them. Local Honda shop stated that they were on back-order, and usually that means no more production. I did however find a used one fully functional for $20 bucks, so that problem has been solved.

Also, the IX-9 plugs came in last week and I switched them out. I then took 4 of the best older plugs and installed them on my GL1200 and they work just great.

Loving the IX-9 plugs; i noticed a real different. Mid-range to max RPM pulls strong. The bike doesn't jerk anymore. However, if you lug it under 1,500 RPM's, there is a slight hesitation which I suspect might be my accelerator fuel pump. I rebuilt my carbs a few weeks ago, but that was one of the items I did not replace. I checked it and it sprays fuel but only if you snap the throttle hard enough. Normal throttle roll doesn't seem to spray much fuel, but then I never have a hesitation issue under normal throttle roll; only during throttle snap will it hesitate under 1,500 RPM.

Other than that, the front-end wobble is my next task. I've determined that the head bearings are bad. Honda wants $320 bucks to replace the head bearings. So I've decided to order the special tabbed socket needed for the job, and I will replace it myself.

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