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FYI That demonstration video was faked. 2 Major Issues:

1, No where near enough nose dive for full emergency braking.
2, The dummy car is fabric and foam, not viable to the radar. The fact that it reacted at all shows that the pedestrian detection worked, it visually detected an obstacle and made efforts to reduce the impact. Thats all the system is meant to do.

Thats a lot more then auto pilot would do. Auto Pilot only keeps a plane level and at the same altitude and speed. No auto braking or object detection.

As for ACC on a motorcycle the difficulty would be sudden angle and height changes durring cornering. It is likely much harder to implement then a car where it has a mostly fixed height and angle. I would suspect we wont see it until the visual based ACC is able to function independently of radar. A video feed can be modified on the fly to adapt to the bikes sensor position changes.
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